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Welcome to Calypso - The Dive Shop of Joplin

You may already be an expert scuba diver or perhaps you’ve never had the opportunity to see how incredibly easy it is to become a diver. If you want to learn how to snorkel, or learn to swim, it is fun and safe with us! Calypso has a program for each activity that will challenge your preconceived notions and excite you with the watery parts of our planet! You can experience the fun to be had in our area lakes and we can even take you to the spectacular beauty to be found in the ocean.

Calypso offers the finest training and equipment for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving and we can make all of your in-water and underwater dreams come true. Let our staff help you chart your course for adventure. Join us for one of our many fun and exciting trips to destinations near home and around the world. Our knowledgeable team will lead you on your way to adventure!


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