Swim Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

    As much as we would like there to be, there is no simple answer to this question. Every child is different and they learn at their own pace. For this reason, we keep our student to instructor ratio low.

    Each child in the beginner class receives personal attention and can progress based on their own abilities. Perhaps the best analogy is learning to play piano. Would you be satisfied if your child only learned to play "chopsticks"? If so, the progress will be very fast.

    If you want your child to remain enthusiastic and learn to play popular and then classical compositions, the learning process will take longer. We encourage you to view swimming instruction as a valuable exercise, and body conditioning process, and allow your child to progress to the advanced swimmer level.

  • How many swimmers will be in my child's class?

    We believe that children should not be just a "number" sitting on the side of the pool with eight or ten others. Our staff will get to know your child and their personal abilities. We schedule only 4 students per instructor in the beginner class and only 5 students per instructor in the advanced class. Our swimmers spend class time in the water learning, not out of the water waiting for their turn.

  • Why does my child need swim goggles?

    Swim goggles help to speed up the learning process. They make the swimming experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Without goggles, it may require many more lessons before a child will place their face in the water. They also help to eliminate eye irritation which can be caused by chlorine and pool chemicals. It helps to build confidence and children actually take pride in having their own sporting equipment. Please consult our swim staff before purchasing goggles for your child. They must seal properly and be easy to remove, replace, and adjust.

  • Should my child be in the Beginner or an Advanced class?

    A beginner is a child (or adult) who does not put their face in the water and swim forward. They may be frightened of the water, or simply have not had the opportunity to swim before.

    A semi-advanced student will take breaths while swimming forward 10 feet or more.

    Advanced students will swim the length of the pool and need only stroke development or refinement.

  • Can my 2 - 3 year old enroll in group swim lessons?

    Children who are younger than 3 generally do not have the muscle development and motor skills necessary to make the expected progress in the Beginner group class. In addition, separation from parents sometimes causes a child to feel anxious. Our Baby and Me course enables parents and children to work (and play) together in the water. It's the ideal way to get them started in swimming and to prepare them for the Beginner class.

  • We have vacation scheduled on one of the class dates. What can be done?

    We understand that family vacations and activities may arise and be conflicting with the swim schedule you’ve set. To keep classes running smoothly we do NOT offer make-up classes. If more than one class will be missed in a month, it is recommended that the month be taken off from lessons and picked back up at the beginning of the following month. Any time spent off Auto Enroll and out of class will make an account inactive and, therefore, drop the student from the class. The spot CANNOT be guaranteed after an account becomes inactive.

  • Would my child be better off in a private class?

    We have very small classes with four students per instructor so that each child receives personal attention. In addition, most children benefit from seeing other children swim! If the instructor feels that your child is not making the expected progress, or has special needs, they will suggest private lessons as an alternative.

  • I have a 12 year old beginner who does not want to be in class with 4 year olds. What can I do?

    Our classes are grouped by age and skill level. Under the age of 18, classes will be grouped within 4 years age difference.

  • I am not sure if my child is ready for group class. How can I be sure before enrolling?

    We offer "Try Swim" where we place the student in a group environment to see how they interact. If they will take directions, stay where they are asked to stay, and observe safety rules for themselves and others, we can accept them in group class. If they do not pay attention, cry in the group setting, or act in an unsafe manner, we will suggest Private Lessons We do not charge a fee for this evaluation.

  • My child frequently experiences "swimmer's ear". What can I do to prevent this?

    "Swimmer's Ear" is an extenal ear infection that is common in children and adults. Nothing can put an end to fun in the water as quickly as pain in the ears. The bacterium most commonly associated with this infection is found everywhere including soil, water, on plants, and many common surfaces. It is described as being "ubiquitous" which means "everywhere at once". The key to preventing the infection is to understand what causes the loss of the ear's natural defense. We have gathered information and summarized it in an article on our Downloads page.

  • What are the Swim School class levels

    BABY & ME – Six – 35 months 
    This is a fun and safe class in a warm water environment for caregiver and child. This class introduces baby to kicking, bubble blowing, and submerging underwater. Babies, who are already submerging, enjoy special, bonding time with caregiver. Through songs and games, little ones learn floating, and eight to ten count underwater breath control.

    AQUABABIES – 2 year olds
    “A special class for 2 year olds” who have completed the Baby & Me curriculum AND demonstrate breath control, strength, and independence in the water. Admission to this class is by referral from Baby & Me teachers only. Its goal is to increase swimming distance to 7 feet and begin the process of obtaining an independent breath in the water. Parents stay on deck throughout this course.

    AQUATIKES I – 3 year olds
    A program designed specifically for three year olds with little or no water experience. Themes and games enhance the learning to swim experience. The goal of this class is to swim seven feet with Reach and Pull and gain comfort in the water.

    AQUATIKES II & III – 3 year olds
    This class is for three year olds who already swim seven feet. Again, themes and games entertain these children while they learn to swim the width of the pool (25 feet) and get an independent breath.

    This class is for preschoolers who cannot swim. Themes and games create fun-filled lessons for learning how to swim ten feet.

    This class is for 4 and 5 year olds who already swim ten feet. The goal of this class is to swim 20ft, getting a breath, then to the destination.

    BEGINNERS I – Ages 6+
    A class for six year olds and up who do not swim. Swimmers learn a relaxed, effective stroke for swimming the width of the pool (25 feet) at their natural buoyancy level. 

    BEGINNERS II – Ages 4+
    A class for children who already swim 25 feet. The goal of this class is to teach the student to swim about 50 feet (the length of our pool) getting independent breaths.

    BEGINNERS III -Ages 4+
    A class for children who already swim the length of the pool. The goal of this class is to teach the swimmer to perform rollover breathing while swimming the length of our pool. Standing dives are an added skill.

    INTERMEDIATE I – Ages 5+
    The goal of this class is to teach students to swim 80 feet using the Freestyle stroke, and to dive in and swim across the pool.

    A class for children who are already efficiently swimming 80 feet (2 lengths of the pool). At the end of this class students should be swimming both freestyle with bilateral breathing and elementary backstroke 80 feet and be able to tread for 2 minutes.

    ADVANCED I – Ages 7+
    A class for children who already swimming both freestyle with bilateral breathing and elementary backstroke. The goals for this class are competitive free, back, and breaststroke 80 feet (2 lengths of the pool).

    ADVANCED II – Ages 8+
    A class for children who are currently performing competitive free, back, and breastroke. The goal for this class is swimming the competitive butterfly stroke 80 feet (two lengths of the pool.)

    JR. OLYMPIAN – Ages 5-17
    A class for children to obtain mastery of all four competitive strokes and introduction to snorkeling and water safety skills.

    Olympians are our most elite swimmers. Each member of our Olympian group has completed an 800 M Freestyle and a 400 M Individual Medley demonstrating exact technique and seamless endurance. We are proud of all our swimmer, and especially so with the Olympians. They continue to swim with us for fun and exercise.

    This is a SCUBA program for children ages 8 – 12 with monthly activities.

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