Becoming a Dive Leader


The first step in becoming a Dive Leader is to earn your Master Diver certification, then you can begin your journey into becoming a dive professional.

Dive Guide:

Becoming a Dive Guide and then a Dive Master will allow you to work with certified divers with a dive operator and work on your Assistant Instructor Rating

Assistant Instructor:

An assistant instructor is allowed to teach in a supervised environment and help with Open Water Diver classes and teach some specialities.

Open Water Instructor:

Learn to be a Scuba Instructor the "SSI Way." Most instructor programs focus only on teaching diving. However, most dive businesses require much more of instructors than merely teaching. The SSI Instructor Training Course (ITC) prepares you to become an active member of the scuba industry, a successful educator, and a valuable dive business employee. Your training includes:

  • Techniques for recruiting, teaching and evaluating students
  • The SSI Education System and Education Philosophy
  • How dive industry stakeholders interact (manufacturers, media, agencies, retail and travel)
  • How successful dive retailers and resorts operate Effective techniques for teaching in the pool and open water
  • Legal aspects of teaching
  • The basics of educational sales using SSI's Customer Loyalty Cycle

Why SSI Instructors are More Marketable

SSI Instructors possess business knowledge that instructors from other agencies don't. The expanded course content of the SSI ITC gives you an edge over "teaching only" programs and makes you a much more valuable, well-rounded employee.

SSI Instructors represent the best of both worlds. You are trained to use the award-winning SSI Teaching System and you are trained to be a skilled educator. SSI Instructors are able to conduct the Universal Referral Program. This is particularly valuable to resorts that receive customers affiliated with various certification agencies.

What Else Can You Teach?

You can expand your knowlege and skillset in the SSI program to teach specialty classes, free diving and extended range scuba diving.

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