We would like you to meet the staff at Calypso. Our Instructors cover just about every level and type of scuba certification available. Our staff is capable of teaching children starting at age eight as well as persons with disabilities.

The instructors at Calypso can help you with all of your dive education needs. They are certified to teach Open Water Certification as well as many exciting diving specialties.

Interested in pursuing a career in diving? Our staff is capable of teaching you how to be an Open Water Instructor.

We look forward to helping you with all of your diving needs and would very much like the opportunity to show you our qualifications as a professional Dive Team. Thank you for your interest and happy diving.


Valerie Earl, Manager

Valerie is the manager of Calypso - The Dive Shop of Joplin. She became a diver in 1985 and simply fell in love with the sport. She worked her way up through the levels of certifications and became a Certified Instructor of Scuba Diving in 1988, and has earned Instructor Trainer status.

In addition to the instruction of Open Water Diver scuba classes, she is rated as Instructor for many Specialty Courses and is an active Instructor Trainer. Valerie was in the first group of Instructors for the Scuba Rangers, a Youth Development Program for youngsters age 8 through 12. She loves teaching all ages and levels of students, and has logged well over 2000 dives.

Valerie was awarded Instructor of the Year, North America/Midwest Region, for the Year 1995 by the National Association of Scuba Diving Schools.

She is also a published Author in RODALE'S SCUBA DIVING magazine, OZARKS OUTDOORS periodical, SHOW ME THE OZARKS, and the State publication, WAKE UP TO MISSOURI. She was featured in photographs in the Safe Scuba training manual.

Joel, Master Instructor

Joel is an Open Water Diver Instructor, Advanced Open Water Instructor, and Assistant Instructor and is both a Platinum 1000 Diver and a Platinum 1000 Instructor.

He enjoys teaching everything from beginners in the Open Water Diver course up through Professional Dive Leader courses.

When he’s not teaching, Joel enjoys leading local, regional and international travel excursions to some of the world’s most breathtaking dive locations.

Brian Broaddus

Brian became a diver in 2010 and has actively pursued diving opportunities both locally and in the Caribbean since then. Eager to share his love of diving with others, Brian is certified as an Assistant Instructor. Brian regularly teaches Try Scuba and Scuba Skills Update Courses, and he often assists with Open Water Certification classes.

Brian’s entire family is actively involved in diving and snorkeling, except for his youngest, and that little guy is known to dress as a diver and use any dive gear that he can reach for entertainment purposes. You can find Brian and his family at many of Calypso’s events.

Brad Burns

Brad initially learned to dive back in 2002 but college, family, and work kept interfering with participating in diving. He came to Calypso with his wife in 2014 to get her certified once the kids were grown. Having Allie as a new dive Buddy kindled a fire within him, and he took a pathway that has taken him all the way to Open Water Instructor!

Brad loves to dive and never misses an opportunity to engage others for dives, Certification, and Specialty Courses. He has broadened the education and experience horizons for lots of folks in the Four States area.

Doug Mercer,
Assistant Instructor

Doug became a scuba diver in 2007 and has truly expanded his destinations and his education since first entering the realm of Neptune. One of the busiest, most on-the-go guys we know, he has found (or somehow made) the time to go diving locally and makes occasional escapes to the Caribbean.

After completing many Continuing Education Specialty Courses, he has just recently graduated from the Assistant Instructor Program. Consider yourself lucky to have him lead one of your dives!

Levi Earl,
Service Technician & Swim Instructor

Levi became a diver in 1988. He holds Master Diver Rating with SSI.

Levi is Calypso's Equipment and Service Technician and is a Swim School Rated Swim Instructor.

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